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3 Tips For Beginning Singers

Today I've got my top 3 tips for beginning singers. These are things that I tell almost every new singer with me that is just starting as a vocal student.

1. Know your vocal range, know where your break is.

Almost everybody has a chest voice and a head voice, and there is a point at which you can't sing any higher in your chest voice. For me that note is around F# above middle C. This knowledge is vital to understanding how best to use your voice, what key is good for your voice, which songs are in your range, etc. I use this little piece of knowledge in considering any song that I sing. You should know where your break is also.

2. Sing songs in the right octave.

Almost never does it sound good to sing a song an octave below where the song is written. Almost never. Certainly if you are singing a song that is written for your gender, then sing the song in it's intended octave. The sooner you get used to doing this, the sooner you'll make progress in your singing.

3. Commit to singing the right note.

You must sing the note that is written, regardless if the note seems too high, is uncomfortable to sing, you sound bad singing the note, etc. You must ask your voice to sing the note that is intended. Only then can you develop your ear accurately. Only then can you make some decisions about key, range, etc. This seems so simple as to be obvious, but I'm going to write it again. Commit to singing the correct note.

Hopefully these tips will help you as you start your journey as a singer. Good luck practicing, and I'll see you all next week!